2. Credit Approved Courses

Customer Service for Technicians (2 hrs)

• IA - 1 CEU
• NJ- 0.5 CEC
• NCICLB Course #11781 - 2 Business CEUs
• ORLCB - 2 CEHs
• QWEL - 2 CEUs

Delivering remarkable customer service is not just about doing your job. The competitiveness in today's irrigation service industry has changed the way customers expect to be treated.

This 2-hour workshop uses real-world case studies to identify the “Ten Commandments of Customer Service” that will provide the framework for delivering the level of service customers LOVE!

You should take this course if you:
Have great skills to get the job done but have difficulty communicating with customers.
See the opportunity to increase your income or profit by increasing your value to the customer.
Want to improve how your customers view you and your technicians.

This course qualifies for 2 IA credits.

Credits: • IA - 1 CEU • NJ- 0.5 CEC • NCICLB Cour...

  • Presentation
  • Test
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 2 years